Attending A Concert With Noise Sensitivity

On Sunday the 19th of September I was lucky enough to see McFly! As a chronically ill individual I struggle with noise sensitivity. High pitches, loud thumping bass, unexpected loud noises and such like all cause an intense pain leading to a prolonged headache. However, I love going to concerts, which sounds a bit counterintuitive given the sensitivities I experience.

There are several methods of coping with the loud noise of screaming and music at a concert these include;

  • Taking frequent breaks from the auditorium

  • Taking medication as prescribed before attending the concert to counter any side effects while there

  • Drinking plenty of water

  • Having some type of sweets and chocolate to boost my sugar levels

  • Plan for at least 3 rest days after the event to allow for the after effects

  • Asking your doctor for advice

  • Use a mobility aid to reduce the stress on other areas of the body

  • Consider using noise cancelling headphones to enjoy the concert without the auditory issues

The final method is something I am personally reluctant to try, I'm not sure how I could still enjoy the concert while using such an aid. Have you experienced a concert while wearing noise cancelling headphones? How was it? Let us know below!

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