Bad Day Boxes

People with chronic illnesses experience an unimaginable amount of 'bad days'. These are days where symptoms are exacerbated, meaning rest and further care may be needed to get through the day. Something I came up with a few years ago, in the midst of my diagnoses was the bad day box. This is a box that contains all sorts of goodies to help someone with a chronic illness get through a bad day. Some of the items that could be included in that box are:

  • Noise cancelling headphones/ earplugs to aid sleep during the day and heightened noise sensitivity

  • An eye mask to block out light and aid heightened light sensitivity

  • Sweet treats to maintain blood sugar levels and act as comfort food during a difficult time

  • A fidget toy/popper to keep restless hands busy and aid any anxiety that may be associated with a day of enforced greater rest

  • Cereal bars, Cuppa Soups, Pre-made meals ect to reduce the need to cook from scratch saving essential energy on a day where symptoms may make physical activity more difficult

  • A book/ audiobook to act as entertainment if concentration allows

  • Positive affirmation cards to remind you of how wonderful you are, on a bad day mental health issues can also dip, therefore positive affirmations can aid the maintenance of positive mindset in a difficult time

  • Tissues to help wipe away any pain or emotional related tears at the frustration of being in greater pain and discomfort

  • Emergency medication such as prescribed as needed medication, as well as usual regular medication you may take

  • A notepad with emergency contact numbers for next of kin, carers and doctors whom you may need to ask for help on a day when brain fog may interfere with remembering names and numbers

Is there anything else you might add to your own bad day box?

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