Introducing M.E

When I decided I wanted to write, I had no idea where to start, I still don't if i'm honest. I have always been opinionated, something my family will happily testify to. However, I also have a passion for raising awareness of chronic illnesses and disability rights.

The general advice for writers is to write what you know, that makes sense as a principle and often what you know is linked to what you enjoy and are passionate about. My passions are diverse, they flip and change depending on the day, on my mood, and i think that is something everyone experiences. After all, who wants to focus on just one thing forever.

Therefore, my blog will talk about whatever takes my fancy, hopefully it will catch yours.Whether its's random observations, raising awareness of a range of current issues, discussion of disability and chronic illnesses, reviews and opinion pieces, and much more!

To round off my whistle-stop tour introduction here is a little about me. I'm Jess, I am 21 and just finishing my second year of my uni degree studying theology and philosophy. I have three chronic illnesses: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Fibromyalgia and Occipital Neuralgia. I also have a small tumour on my brain, in addition to a small cyst. My illnesses may restrict me, but they do not define me. I am in love with the idea of love, fairytales, disney and rom-coms are my go to and, I'm a huge family girl.

I hope that over time my personality, opinions and perhaps even a few glimpses of my soul shine through my writing.

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