January's Car Crash

Updated: Jan 19

As you may be able to tell I haven't had the best start to the new year. After contracting a chest infection and chicken pox (at the same time!) in the first week, I have been delt a rather rubbish hand.

As Wednesday of this week approached I was feeling better and looking forward to spending time with my family. However, shortly after my mum picked me up we found ourselves in a car crash!

Luckily the damage to the car was minimal, albeit a rather bad bump. My mum has mild whiplash symptoms whereas I was less lucky. After being strapped to a back board, my head in Styrofoam blocks for eight hours, I was finally cleared by A and E doctors. The fear was that the crash which caused me to hit my head may have caused damage to my cyst or tumour, or even to my spine and neck itself. After a long wait and a lot of time spent looking at the white tiled ceiling I was discharged with severe whiplash, a possible concussion, and the expectation of a very bad flare up of my chronic illness symptoms.

I never thought I'd end up in the back of an ambulance when I got up that day. It seems crazy how I went from feeling relatively OK to being very scared, hurt and sore.

One thing I'll take from this is the determination I had to have a cup of tea while I waited to see a doctor. Being stopped down flat was not going to stop me! Even if that meant the paramedic had to use a syringe to squirt 15ml of tea in my mouth at a time!

The be all and end all of this week is that my mum and I are okay, we are safe and although we are very sore and achey we are alive. It could have been a great deal worse, so I am grateful for that small mercy.

Please enjoy this picture of me strapped to a board, with a face covered in mascara that had run from crying. If I don't say so myself, I've never been more attractive!

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