The Hospital Diaries- Part 1

Updated: Jul 29, 2021


To my readers who have popped by before, thank you for your patience! Unfortunately my chronic illnesses and generally rubbish body have been problematic as of late.

With an intense, immense pain in my abdomen I've been in hospital for the last few days. I've had what feels like a zillion tests; scans, blood tests, urine tests and more! I'm so frustrated as so far everything has come back as normal- now at this point I understand if you are questioning my frustration. Surely, if tests are coming back as normal that is a good thing?

... Well for me personally I struggle with asking for help, so when I do it is in a situation where I'm in pretty bad shape. I hate having to go iver my medical history repeatedly especially when the majority of that history is not able to be seen in the usual tests.

At this point I'm almost wishing that tests find something to explain the excruciating pain I am in. I've questioned myself, am I overreacting? Am I being a wuss? If the tests show normality then why do I feel so poorly?

This is a common frustration for patients with chronic illnesses, desperate for physical evidence of how we feel. I'm so lucky that the surgeons on my case are willing to investigate every avenue, while treating my pain with morphine.

Hopefully I will get through the next few days, find a way to manage this new intense abdominal pain, possibly even find out what is causing it. I will keep my socials updated and post again when I'm home (which hopefully won't be too far in the future!). For now, please enjoy the fetching socks I have on and stay tuned for more entries!

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