The Hospital Diaries- Part 2


I am finally home after 5 days of being in and out of hospital. It turns out all of the pain is due to a grumbling appendix, however it can't be removed until it is showing on scans and tests as being infected!

I am exhausted, in a lot of pain and experiencing a flare up of both my M.E and Fibromyalgia. That's the problem with chronic illnesses, they are triggered by all sorts of things; temperature, stress, physical exertion, illness, mental exertion and more.

The last few days have been spent explaining my conditions to doctors and surgeons, which sounds ridiculous! They are the healthcare professionals after all, shouldn't they have some awareness of conditions that impact over 250 million people?

It seems I have run into problems at worry turn with this hospital stay. First being sent home with advice to take medication that I couldn't take due to the current medication I am already on. Then an issue with a member of staff acting inappropriately. Then a lengthy discussion as to whether this new pain was "just Fibromyalgia". Then before leaving a 2 hour delay due to the hospital being unable to locate the correct medication, nor being able to prescribe something to address the pain.

I value the NHS incredibly highly, I have net nurses, doctors and healthcare assistants who have been incredibly kind to me over the last few days. However, I have also met those same professionals who refused to listen, ignored my pleas for help and failed to do their job.

What experiences have you had with healthcare professionals and their reactions to chronic illness?

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