The Hospital Diaries- Part 3

Well, I'm back in hospital with this pesky abdominal pain. A rather frightening episode culminated in a trip in an ambulance.

Last night the pain became gradually worse, I tried my best to grit my teeth and push through it. However, enough was enough and I had to bite the bullet and ask for help (with the push and support of my family).

After the usual checks the wonderful paramedics gave me my first experience with gas and air. For a short whole it was great! I couldn't feel the intense abdominal pain, my Fibromyalgia pain was dulled down to an ache, even my headache subsided! However, this didn't last for long before the gas and air became a bit too much, with the classic side effects of dizziness, woodies and nausea. Despite this I'm happy to report that overall it made the move from chair to ambulance, then ambulance to hospital far more bearable.

While in accident and emergency, the doctor tried both oral and intravenous morphine, with the second being more effective. However, there was then a debate as to whether I should be admitted or go home. At this point it was 4am, I was exhausted, my pain level rising again and I was thoroughly fed up. How many more times do I have to be in an awful state before something gets done about this pain?

I am proud of myself, I stood my ground and explained I shouldn't go home in the state I am in currently. I asked for help, something I struggle with. Yes, I apologised several times while asking for said help but hey- baby steps.

This morning I was admitted to the surgical ward for observation and pain management. If I am no better by tomorrow then a keyhole operation using a camera may be necessary to figure out why I'm in such horrible pain.

So, the saga continues. Please feel free to comment below with your personal hospital experiences with extreme pain. Did you have to ask for help? How did you feel about doing so?

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