The Hospital Diaries- Part 4

Today has been another eventful, tiring and painful one! From catheterisation, an enema, and blood tests to pain panic attacks, I'm utterly exhausted from it all!

This morning my consultant visited and suggested another day of observation before doing any operations. He also prescribed an enema to help get things moving.

My blood test was a palaver with the doctor stabbing me to find a vain. It's common for people with chronic illnesses to have rubbish veins. This translated into a later problem with canulas!

After lunch I had a mini moment of feeling upset, fed up and down. A quick cheeky hug from my mum while exchanging clothing helped though. I also have lovely neighbours on my ward, all of whom have tried their best to make me smile and cheer me up. I seem to have a knack for making friends in hospital- Louise and Emily ❤😊

Around 5pm I began to have extreme pain on my abdomen, like a sharp knife being repeatedly shoved around. This caused the muscles in my tummy and around my bowel to spasm meaning I could no longer pee. After half an hour of screaming, crying, hysterics and pain, I had to be catheterised and dosed up on morphine and paracetamol.

Having a catheter certainly isn't a pleasant experience, especially when yourebqrithjng around in pain. However I'm glad to report that I'm now comfortable and resting, albeit dosed up to high heaven.

Fingers crossed the doctors can help me find some answers so I can head home ASAP!

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