The Hospital Diaries-Part 5

It is currently 5am, I'm hooked up to IV fluids as well as my catheter. I am going down to theatre for surgery in a few hours and I'm scared. But, at the same time I'm a little relieved, it sounds silly feeling two things that are in such clear juxtaposition.

My surgeon is going to perform a keyhole surgery, using a camera to look at the right side of my tummy to try and find the source of the pain. At the same time he will remove my appendix and deal with anything else he comes across. There is no garuntee that the operation will cure the pain, however at this point I'm willing to try anything!

The surgery was originally going to take place at 8pm on Monday the 2nd of August, however an emergency meant it was pushed back to this morning. After being starved all day my surgeon visited to ask the nurses to feed me. However, it was long past dinner time so the option of a sandwich was only available.

That is until my lovely neighbour ordered McDonald's to the ward! I can honestly say it tasted amazing, even if I didn't manage to eat the majority of it. Thank you Emily, you made my day a little brighter with your kind gesture!

Now to try and sleep before my insides are poked, prodded and removed. I'm calm at the moment, but that may just be the dose of morphine I've just had. Fingers crossed everything goes as planned, so that this time tomorrow I'm sound asleep and relatively pain free 🤞

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