The Hospital Diaries- Part 6

As of 9pm last night I no longer have an appendix! After nearly two weeks of begging for help, visiting hospitals, seeing numerous doctors and having a plethora of tests I finally know what was causing me such agony.

I went down to Theatre around 5.30pm Tuesday the 3rd of August. This operation included an exploratory laporoscopy, possibly the removal of my appendix and possible further action to deal with anything else they may find.

I came round about 9pm, very tired, groggy and sore. I'm pretty sure the first thing I asked for was a cup of tea! That, and my phone so I could call my family and partner.

The surgeon visited me this morning, informing me that it was indeed my appendix that had been causing me such grief! After three trips across two hospitals, with two discharges without help, to hear that they had found and solved the problem was a huge relief.

The thing with a chronically ill individual is that you learn about your body, what is normal and what isn't, when something is definitely wrong very quickly. I knew deep down that the pain I was experiencing was not related to my chronic illness of Fibromyalgia, something doctors frequently blamed for the agony over the last couple of weeks.

I often struggle to stand my ground and push for help, I don't like asking for it in the first place. However, I am so glad that I did, because now it is clear that I was right. The pain I was feeling was abnormal, it was not a part of my chronic pain.

I suppose the conclusion to this saga, the message I wish for everyone to take from it is that, you know yourself better than anyone else. If something feels wrong, do not let yourself be disregarded, ignored or left in the lurch. You have a right to be treated equally, whether you have an extensive medical history or not.

To the doctos who ignored me, discharged me with inadequate pain relief, refused to believe me when I told them something was wrong... Please take the extra time to check all avenues, please listen, please try to understand, please help. Because when you do, you save your patients so much grief!

I'm currently waiting to be picked up and to go home. I'm exhausted, sore, and less than 24 hours post-op BUT I am happy to be heading home to my parents, sister, extended family and partner, and of course the cats!

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