The Hospital Diaries- Part 7: Abdominal Pain Returns

As you can probably guess from the title of this post I am back in hospital with abdominal pain.

After a cheeky Costa date with my mum this afternoon i had sudden onset of excruciating tummy pain, followed with nausea and diarrhea (lovely!). I tried a brief nap to elevate the issue but sadly it didn't help.

I had a dentist appointment at 4pm and a deposit of £60 depending on my attendance, as a student I really couldn't afford to lose this so I attended.

The car journey to the dentists was unpleasant to say the least. I must apologise to the seat belt that took quite a squeeze in response to the pain I was feeling!

Arriving at the dentists I put on a brave face and headed in, I don't like dentists at the best of times but when it feels like your insides are being ripped apart I like them even less so.

It took about 3 minutes for me to feel progressively worse, realising that if I didn't move and get to a bathroom soon I would be making quite the embarrassment of myself.

Hidden in the loo crying in agony I did what I hate to do and asked for help. Texting my mum who was waiting in the car explaining my predicament. A few minutes later a first aid trained receptionist and my slightly panicked mum found me.

Within a few minutes the "grown ups" decided an ambulance was the best port of call. Until the paramedics arrived mum set about updating my dad, while the lovely receptionist kept me company, keeping me calm as by this point a panic attack was imminent.

Arriving within 10 minutes of calling the paramedics helped me out into the ambulance and set about sorting me out. A canula, IV paracetamol, anti-sickness and dozens of checks later and I was on my way to the hospital.

It is never a good time to go to A and E, however I seemed to hit a quiet spell. After a quick assessment I saw a doctor who suggested a post op complication had occurred after my appendectomy 9 days ago.

I have since been reviewed by the surgical team, placed on IV antibiotics and fluids. I'm writing this from my bed, in the corridor of an absolutely rammed, overrun accident and emergency.

I can only thank my wonderful nurse for continuing to keep my topped up with cups of tea and blankets while I wait for a bed on the surgical ward.

I am hoping to be released (freedom!) tomorrow once the antibiotics take effect and I've had a scan to check on the surgical stuff inside. However, as always keep an eye on my blog and social media for any updates.

P.S A picture of my new accessories.

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