The Hospital Diaries- Part 8: Home for good

I thought I had better update you all on my health situation after my latest trip to Hospital on the 12th of August. After receiving antibiotics overnight I was discharged Friday the 13th of August with the diagnosis of a post op infection.

I feel 10 times better and am now able to function relatively normally. I am however still resting and taking it easy (as much as I can!). My surgical scars are healing nicely and no longer look nor feel raw and sore.

I am however struggling with a 'crash' or period of worsened symptoms of my M.E and fibromyalgia. As both conditions are triggered by trauma such as surgery this isn't an unexpected recession in symptoms. I am staying on top of my medication, taking frequent naps and limiting my daily activity to help manage it all.

I sincerely hope that I don't have to experience anything like the last three weeks ever again, the pain, frustration, exhaustion and isolation have made life very difficult indeed. However, as usual I have come out the other side and am doing well again.

For now this is the end of the hospital diaries, I hope my readers have enjoyed the painful yet comical series!

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