The Twenty First Century Emily Dickenson Award

"If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry"- Emily Dickenson

From the end of November till mid December of 2021 I participated in a poetry challenge. The challenge being to write a poem a day for 21 days, then submitting the anthology at the end of the period. As I completed this challenge I have won The Twenty First Century Emily Dickenson Award as hosted by Bookleaf Publishing. The award shown below is now sat proudly in my office. My partner gave me the calligraphy set also pictured as a Valentine's Day gift. He said I should practice signing my name in a calligraphic style so that when I have my work published I can autograph it in style!

I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and found myself writing poems directed and inspired by family and loved ones. The poem I began with was inspired by my aunt, Dawn Wood, who is battling cancer. I hope to have my poems turned into a published anthology in her honour, however for now i will leave you with the poem itself.

The Purple Flamingo

Have you heard of the purple flamingo?

An elusive creature I’ll have you know

With purple plumage bold she stands,

Wings spread out like an inviting hand

This creature’s heart knows no bounds

To all her gentle nature grounds

Creatively kind this flamingo grows

Despite those who try to oppose

Have you heard of the purple flamingo?

The definition of fire her individual lingo

As like a fire she burns bright,

Burning in the face of every fight

This flamingo is unique, one of a kind

Forever she shall be enshrined

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